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The pumps of LGM manufacture are used in all Russian atomic submarines

Until 1991 our enterprise had a name of Kalinin Moscow Pumping Plant and was the main enterprise in new pumps construction for defense industrial system in USSR
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Mon -Thu from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm, Fri till 4:00 pm Lunchtime from 12:00 pm till 12:50 pm.


13, Bolshaya Tatarskaya Str., Tretyakovskaya metro station,   Moscow, Russia

Design offices

Main office: 6, Tretiy Ugreshsky Passage,Dubrovka Metro Station, Moscow Special Design 1: Severodvinsk
Special Design 2: Saint Petersburg.

Production units

- 6, Tretiy Ugreshsky Passage, Moscow.

- Shatura area, Moscow Region

- Noginsk area, Moscow Region

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преимущества ЛГМ
преимущества ЛГМ
Advantages of LGM's production
• A high degree of efficiency
• Reliability, a huge resource
• High strength materials usage
• Easy to use
• Flexibility of production line
• No operating costs
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Еngineering development

   The team of LGM, OJSC will be glad to accomplish for you the range of research and experimental design works and work out new engineering solutions in pump building.
   LGM modifies existent products so that to fulfill your tasks. Our team is highly experienced and possesses operating time.
   LGM, OJSC implements a great number of projects in construction and pumping sets modernization. We are ready to bring your ideas to life.
   The products of LGM, OJSC meet the highest technical requirements and their quality control is compulsory at every production stage including inspection tests of used materials and workpieces. Control system numbers 44 quality standards




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vacant positions

If you are a well-qualified specialist, if you are ready to grow professionally together with us, if you are full of interesting ideas and projects, you should work in LGM, OJSC. We kindly invite specialized constructors, Heads of Special Design Bureaus to cooperate with us.

The management systems of the enterprise are certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001


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LGM, OJSC and international partners successfully accomplish common projects

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  • проекты лгм
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LGM, OJSC is open both to partnership offers for new products joint manufacture and dealership in promotion and selling your products in Russia.

Interning, researching.
Our projects

LGM, OJSC takes part in major state and corporative projects

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We operate computers with the Microprocessors of the latest version of 2012 Intel Core i5 / i7 of the second generation.

The history of LGM, OJSC begins in 1864 when Mr. Dobrovikh and Mr. Nabgoltz founded on Bolshaya Tatarskaya Street in Moscow iron foundry workshops which were engaged in production of iron castings and machine parts. By the end of the 19th century the workshops had turned into a machining and assembling plant becoming a machine-building one. This moment an output of simple steam engines, different kinds of water turbines of low and average power, various driving gears and other machines begins. At the beginning of the 20th century the plant becomes one of significant machine-building enterprises in pre-revolutionary Russia.

After October Revolution of 1917 there are more than 1500 people working at the plant. Fundamental modernization of the enterprise was started after 1925. Using modern machines the plant improved an output of simple machines, spare parts and equipment for liquids transmission in 1927. However, LGM, OJSC becomes a specialized pumping plant of the Union importance after the Revolution of 1917 and then gets the name of the Third Kalinin State Pumping Turbine Plant.

During 1937-40 the leading specialists of LGM, OJSC execute laborious engineering, research and development works in the creation of unique pumps. As the result of these works 83 dimension types of new high-efficiency pumps of НК, НКМ and НД types for pure water, pumps of НБС and НКБ types for kerosene and petrol transmission were created.

1941-1945, the years of Great Patriotic War, turned out to be the most difficult period in the career development of the plant. That stern and grim time the part of the plant was evacuated to the Urals, and many toilers of the plant became soldiers at the front and citizens-in -arms. The Soviet Army needed the potent weapon and dependable ammunition for the Great Victory, so then, under the direction of Mr. Kotov, the Chief Constructor, the manufacture of new kinds of military equipment was developed and an output of barrels and gun carriages, bombs, projectiles and grenades began, so that to provide the Army with the weapons and ammunition. Many workers of the plant received high state rewards for their successful working. According to the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union dated from September, 16 of 1945 the Plant was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour for its successful task performance in weapon and ammunition manufacture during the Great Patriotic War. The present generation didn’t forget the deed of the plant toilers. Close to the plant in memory of the workers that had given their lives for the freedom of the motherland was erected a monument.

Today LGM, OJSC is an innovative enterprise experienced in construction and manufacture of the high-quality pumps of НЦВ, НЦВС, НЦВп, КсВ, 1КсВ, БЭН, АХ, ЦН, НК, ДН, ДПЖН, НкпМ types. The pumps produced in our plant are used quite widely. They are in good fit for use in various branches of industry such as shipbuilding with its marine (ship) pumps production, nuclear power engineering, cosmonautics, petroleum and oil-refining industry, nuclear and chemical industry.

We aspire to make pumping equipment production more qualitative and secure, so that our work was highly trusted by our partners. Professionalism and huge experience in pump engineering turn out to be our undeniable priority in in this field.

All the types of industrial pumps manufactured in LGM, OJSC have an unblemished reputation, time-proved quality and wide usage in various industries. All the pumps produced by LGM, OJSC are certified in conformity and completely satisfy State Standards requirements. Our scientific, research as well as engineering potential let us consider LGM, OJSC to be one of the leaders in the pump industry in Russia with appropriate technical level of products. LGM, OJSC ranks with such pumps producers as R & D production facility Hydromash, OJSC, Livhydromash, Kataysk Pumping Plant, Shchyolkovo Pumping Plant.

Today LGM, OJSC is a modern enterprise that makes the best use of know-how and innovative equipment, improving manufactured pumping products in strict compliance with all demanded requirements of productivity and quality.

LGM, OJSC has a good production base equipped with up-to-date machinery and highly-qualified industrial engineering staff. The main nomenclature of manufactured production in its technical level corresponds to the best standards of the world. Advanced technology, modern equipment, special engineering solution, strict system of manufacturing supervision, up-to-date testing method ensure a high quality and secure pump operations. The closest attention we devote to the quality control of our products. New engineering development, adoption of modern technologies and innovative methods of parts manufacture are being directed by above mentioned aims.

LGM, OJSC provides a package of services consisting in designing, constructing, pumps testing, what conduces to supply of high quality competitive production. We produce pumps corresponding to the highest international standards, including an International standard of ISO.

We constantly take part in international and all-Russia exhibitions in pump engineering. LGM, OJSC is an active member of the Russian Association of Pumps Producers (RAPP) with its President Vladimir Karakhanian. Our enterprise always participates in events arranged by the Association. So every year we demonstrate the newest samples of our production at the exhibition “Pumps. Compressors. Mounting”. During the exhibition we take an active part in discussing outlooks and development problems of Russian pump engineering at the conferences and “round-table”.

LGM, OJSC takes part in a series of joint international projects concerning pump engineering industry. We collaborate with partners from Canada, Japan and India. Our research engineers and design offices work on constructing up-to-date pumps for sea water, tanker pumps, marine (ship) pumps meeting the requirements of the international pump engineering.

Nowadays disposing engineers and experienced Working staff LGM, OJSC is able to produce 14 various groups of pumps, that number about 200 of items.

Today the principal groups of the pumps manufactured in LGM,OJSC are:

LGM, OJSC kindly invites to cooperate and hopes for continuous fruitful collaboration

Contacts of LGM, OJSC (Kalinin Moscow Pumping Plant before) 6, Tretiy Ugreshsky Passage, the nearest Metro Stations are Dubrovka or Kozhukhovskaya, Moscow Tel. 8(495)677-72-74

преимущества ЛГМ